Mega Macs 42 SE

Throughout the further development of the successful mega macs 42 we have been adding some extras making your work faster and more flexible. We hereby have excluded all things that make work needlessly complicated. The new mega macs 42 SE therefore weighs just 480 g including the quick release battery but nevertheless contains more than 40 makes and more than 35,000 models. At the same time it offers the maximum scope of inspection.

With the mega macs 42 SE you can read out every ECU and system in the vehicle. The so ware helps you localize the causes of troubles and indicates connections and components. Specialized service workshops and those servicing numerous brands have a practicable tool with mega macs 42 SE.

Fast receptions and evaluations of vehicles in the car dealership, reliable diagnoses and assistance in repair work –with the mega macs 42 SE you will perform service work in no time at all and you will adapt even complex vehicle systems in just a few steps.

mega-macs-42-seScope of functions:

  • Reading/interpreting/deleting fault codes
  • Parameters
  • Actuator tests
  • Basic settings (e.g. steering-angle sensors, xenon light, deleting learned values)
  • Codings (e.g. unlocking the trailer hitch, learning ECUs, version codings etc.)
  • Service resets

Survey of Applications

  • Clear vehicle identification through VIN
  • Fault code explanation with detailed information
  • Reliable fault analysis
  • Additional information on the fault code with function, effects and reasons
  • Numerical and graphic parameter depiction
  • Easy operation with few buttons
  • No tricky extra functions
  • Quick release battery pack
  • Bluetooth adapter for a wireless connection with the vehicle

42-se-photosTechnical Data













awardDelivery contents
Mega Macs 42 SE, DT VCI (for wireless communication to the vehicle), Bluetooth® adapter, USB cable 1.8 m micro, USB interface cable macs 42, quick-start guide, mains supply and country-specific mains lead, user manual on CD, shipping carton

Optional accessories
Docking station, quick release battery pack, vehicle charging cable, vehicle adapter, equipment case.

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